Optional extras

Easily edit your own website and add an unlimited number of pages

Content management

A content management system (CMS) allows you to login and easily edit a websites content.

Small businesses work hard, and don't need the hassle of an unfriendly CMS.

Our award-winning content management system is a breeze!

(£100 extra)

Introducing ProcessWire...

You can add an unlimited number of extra pages yourself free of charge.

Total Website Design, Worthing

ProcessWire is similar to WordPress, however the framework is more customisable - allowing us to optimise your website, making it very easy to edit. Editing website content is as easy as writing an email. Simply login to your website, select a page to edit, upload photos or edit page content - then save. Done.

We will create up to 5 pages for you - send us your content so that we can upload it, make it look great, and perform search engine optimisation (SEO).

As per usual, there are no monthly fees and no nasty surprises. We offer to host the website free of charge for two years, you can choose any available .uk domain name, plus all of our other standard website design features.

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SSL certificates

A technology which keeps sensitive information such as passwords and bank account details out of the hands of criminals. It works by encrypting or scrambling data while it passes between websites and your web browser.

Google will now rank your website higher in its search results if you enable SSL. It is also a great way to quickly gain your visitors trust.

Like a domain name, SSL certificates need to be rented annually (from £60)

Live chat

Increase sales conversions by having a live chat feature on your website.

Start conversations with visitors, see which pages they visit, and provide instant support. It is a fantastic tool to communicate with your existing and potential customers - which we can set up for you (£30 extra)


An ecommerce website allows you to receive secure online payment for anything via your website.

Customers look for products on your website before clicking "buy now" or "add to cart" to purchase the item(s).

They are then taken to the secure PayPal shopping cart website to complete the payment, as shown in the video. Don't worry about the code and setup jargon - we sort that out for you!

Our largest ecommerce website design included over 2200+ products!

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An ecommerce website is a great way to increase sales for shops, hotels, manufacturers, and other business who sell specific goods or services. Start selling your products and services online now to gain advantage over your competitors, and increase sales.

PayPal is the worlds most popular online payment method and has over 240 million accounts worldwide! It is a fast, safe and secure means of payment.

Responsive design

We develop websites so that your content and navigation will adjust automatically to fit nicely on any screen size.

Even better, we now include this FREE.

No need to zoom in
No horizontal scrolling
Websites are easier to use
Find infomation faster

Mobile-friendly web design

Domain names and private web hosting

We may provide a .uk domain name and host a website free of charge for two years.

Additional or alternate domain names are available (from £10 extra), such as .com, .limited, .shop, .blog, and more.

To have full control and the ability to edit template source code requires web design expertise and the purchase of your own private web hosting account.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Google is the most popular web browser in the UK and worldwide, by a significant amount. We code websites correctly with Google in-mind, for higher rankings.

More than 200 different factors affect how high and how often your website will apear in Google Search results.

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving your website to be more appealing to search engines.

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When we create the first 5 pages of your website - we aim to improve your Google ranking by using on-page SEO techniques, such as META tags and headings, standards compliant code, and may also list you on off-site directories and Google Maps to increase organic (unpaid) traffic to your website. It is essential that you provide original, keyword rich and well written content for search engine optimisation to succeed.


We can incorporate a website translation feature, allowing customers to view your website in up to 100 different languages (£30 extra)

Your website can be automatically translated by Google Translate. It is a service which used computer software to learn languages, based on millions of example documents which were originally translated manually.

Blog website

A blog is the logging of someones thoughts, ideas and articles. They are content management system enabled websites which all an author(s) to easily upload new content - often powered by WordPress CMS. The price of a blog depends on the complexity required.

They usually allow visitors to comment on content, or at least share it using social networks like or share buttons.

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We have designed websites for a varity of different businesses in Worthing, Sussex and nationwide.

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5 page website design, only £475

We include everything you need to have a great looking mobile-friendly website online for 2 years. There are no monthly fees, and no nasty surprises.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have experience with other CMS platforms?

Yes, we have used other content management systems (such as Prestashop and Wordpress) - however, we usually recommend Processwire.

How many webpages will you setup for me?

We include 5 pages as standard. We upload your content, make it look great, and perform search engine optimisation (SEO).

What is your largest website?

We developed IIoTzone.com for Industrial IT Systems Limited - which has over 500 pages, containing 2200+ products!

Examples of our work