Digital marketing

Boost your visitors numbers, and increase conversion rates.

We can help...

  • Drive traffic to your website

    We are focused on driving traffic to your website, ensuring that you get a good return on investment.

  • Engage your audience

    Once someone has found your website, its important that they stay there. We design fast, easy to use websites - and optimise your content both to engage visitors, and to encourage them to contact you.


  • Rank higher on Google Search

    "Search Engine Optimisation" is the process of improving your website to be more appealing to search engines, as well as performing off-site activities like increasing backlinks.

    We specialise in effective content writing and inbound marketing - so that your website has a great chance of being Google's 1st page for relevant search terms.

What is SEO and How Do I Measure It?

Our 6-step digital marketing plan

Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. There are a wide range of marketing activities covered by the term, and we group these into 6 main categories. We feel it is important to action these categories in this order, because this will maximise the potential benefits from each stage.

Initial footprint

Google and other search engines consider a websites age and history as part of their ranking process. A website which has been online for years is more likely to rank higher than a similar new website. This is why it's important to get online and start digital marketing as soon as possible.

For day 1, we recommend:

Launch a temporary webpage
Setup Google Maps & Analytics
Search engine URL submission
Create social media pages
Sign up to Trustpilot

Web design & SEO

Effective content writing

The most important factor for "Search Engine Optimisation" is the quality of the content. Without quality keyword-rich content, digital marketing will suffer significantly.

We provide advice of how to write quality web content. Upon receiving your content, we further optimise it - both taking your goals into consideration, and making everything look great.

Standards-compliant coding

The second most important SEO factor is the quality of the website - this is why we ensure our website designs meet industry standards.


After completing the website, it is important to start building "Backlinks" - getting reputable websites to link to your website.

Positive news articles and reviews are a great help, ideally they would be from highly-ranked organisations like the BBC and Which?

Online directories are a great ways to reach customers, and most don't cost you a penny. There are tons of directory websites who allow you to register and create a profile for free.

Google Places and Bing Maps are most important. Details from those are often included as highlights at the very top of local search results. Plus, they allow people to leave reviews.

Email marketing

A powerful way to reach customers. Now that you have a shiny new website, why not tell your existing customers?

Using your customers name is a great way to increase effectiveness of the campaign. Send them emails triggered by certain events and personalise emails to their interests. Research shows that personalised emails have a much higher click through rate than generic emails - resulting in better engagement, more traffic to your website, and a bigger "return on investment" (ROI).

Have a clear goal and zero in on it, with engaging but concise messaging. 1 email should contain 1 call to action, such as to view a particular special offer or a particular page.

Let us help you! We can:

Create professional HTML emails
Add a newsletter sign-up form
Consider GDPR and regulations
Increase traffic to your website

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are "social networks" which you should consider using to advertising your business. At a minimum, you should at least create a professional-looking profile page.

A cost effective way to generate leads, drive traffic, respond to questions, and nurture customer relationships is to use social media. Do research to work out where your target customers and competitors hang out - join the party.

Content is king - provide fresh and compelling content, something to catch peoples eye, and encourage them to "share" it with their friends. Once someone shares with their friends, their friends may share it too, and then again, and again.

We can help you with:

Facebook advertising
Twitter advertising
Instagram advertising
LinkedIn advertising

Paid advertising

This investment can generate big returns.

Advertising and sponsored ads are designed to drive traffic to your website. Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, and Linked in are among the many places offering paid advertising placement.

"Pay-per-click" (PPC) advertising allows you to target specific audiences, ensuring that only the most relevant people will see your ads. Plus, the great thing with pay per click is that you only pay when someone clicks through to your website.

It is essential to have a relevant landing page for each advert. For example, if you are a biscuit manufacturer and you run an ad advertising cookies - it should take people to a page solely about cookies, and have a big, clear "call to action" such as a "buy now" button.

We can help you convert people from prospects to customers, helping to increase your sales and to increase your profits.

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Guide prices

Please contact us for a no-obligation chat about your requirements and marketing goals. We can develop a plan specific to your business, and offer packages of 3 hours or more. No contract, no standing order, no-obligation to continue - we invoice "pay as you go" and you can stop at anytime.

First hour £60.

Additional half hour(s) only £20*
*Special offer for limited time only, must be simultaneous, 8 hours max per day.

Bronze Package

For small businesses - we recommend ordering this package at least once per quarter.

3 hours total = £180 £140.

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Silver Package

For mid-size businesses - we recommend ordering this monthly, or at least every other month.

5 hours total = £300 £220.

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Gold Package

For large businesses - we recommend ordering this on a monthly basis.

8 hours total = £480 £340.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you get my businesses website on Google page 1?

Depending on the quality of your websites content, and the level of competition in your area, yes. We aim to excel, as you can see from the successes in our portfolio.

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How much does your Digital Marketing cost?

Basic digital marketing and SEO is included free of charge for new website design customers.

We offer various packages, charged at our hourly rate - £60 for the first hour, and then £20 for each additional half hour.

Do you recommend a brand new website design?

Depending on the quality of your existing website, it may or may not be necessary to have a new website designed.

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