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Website development process

From start to finish - our website design and development process takes approximately 1 to 3 weeks. Please note that the time required to complete a website can vary depending on its size and complexity.

Need a website fast? We may be able to fast track prioritise your website design to complete it within 1 week - contact us.

We recommend watching the following video, which explains the various web development stages.

#1: The Proposal

#2: Wireframes and Site Structure

#3: Look and Feel

#4: Development

#5: Testing

#6: Launch

How our service is made affordable

  • Design a worthy first draft

    Creating unnecessary work is pointless. We do things properly so that you will love our first website design!

    We know the best questions to ask to get the information we need - your requirements will be identified on day one.

    A draft design is essentially a screenshot of the proposed homepage design. It will give you a good impression as to the "look and feel" of the website design that we are making.

    It wont allow you to scroll down or view other pages, but it will be an accurate representation of the design - the typical customer response is "that looks great!".

    Typically, the first draft design of the website will be ready about 2 weeks after payment of the deposit.

  • No overheads

    We are based in Worthing, West Sussex. We also have office spaces in Coldwaltham, near Pulborough, and in Bury, near Arundel. These are all either home offices or temporary offices spaces, hence no money is wasted on unnecessary service providers or overheads.

    Once we have established briefly what you are looking for, and if you are happy with our initial suggestions - we will arrange a meeting.

    All meetings are by appointment only. We are happy to meet at your home or business address, and we usually travel within 20 miles of Worthing, West Sussex.

    We know that, like us, you have a busy schedule too - which is why we are flexible. We are often available to meet in the evening or on a Saturday.
  • We do not outsource

    From start to finish - the same Worthing website designer will work on your project. This cuts unnecessary communication delays and increases efficiency.

    Have a problem? Just give us a call and we will do our best to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

    We love your feedback. Let us know what needs to be improved, and we will do our best to do that.

    The typical requests are along the lines of "can you please make that gray a little darker?", or "can you please change the banner picture from that to this?". Things like this are easy to do, and we try our best to get any revisions back to you for approval as soon as possible.

    Please note: Sorry, there are no job vacancies available at the moment.

The schedule of a typical 5 page website design

Week 0

  • Initial contact
  • Arrange a meeting
  • Meeting and quotation
  • Invoice and terms sent
  • 50% deposit paid

Week 1 / 2

  • Content instructions
  • We review your content
  • Draft design
  • Feedback
  • Revisions

Week 3 / 4

  • Front-end coding (HTML/CSS)
  • Back-end coding (CMS)
  • We optimise your content (SEO)
  • Final review and revisions
  • Completion, publish online

Let's get started, arrange a meeting

Interested in our services? Simply send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible. No obligation. Shortly after, we can arrange our first business meeting, either in-person or by phone.

Our business meeting is essentially day 1 of the project. We establish your requirements and target audience, compare against your competitors, discuss options for the look and feel of your website, and form a plan of how to proceed.

We will also provide a quotation, which you are welcome to take a few days to think about. There is no rush, and no obligation.

Our pricing is extremely competitive, offering great value for money. In fact, 3 of our last 4 quotes were exactly or very near our guide price of £675.

Assuming you are happy with our offer, we shake hands on the agreed price.

Our terms and conditions outlining the agreement, total price, deadlines and responsibilities for the both of us will be emailed to you a day or two later. This is all pretty industry standard stuff, and you can view our terms here.

We request a 50% deposit in advance prior to commencing a new website design.

The remaining sum will be due upon the completion of the website, usually 2-4 weeks later.

Our 6 stages of website development

#1: The Proposal

It is not essential for you to have something specific in-mind, we just need some details about yourself and your business so that we can make something that you and your customers will love.

We usually meet our customers in-person at least once before starting a project, however, we are also happy to complete everything by email and over the phone - both locally and nationwide.

After listening to your business needs, we will make a proposal of how to proceed, and offer a fixed price no-obligation quote for you to consider. If you are happy, we are happy.

Brochure website design is our specialty, persuading visitors to contact your business

Promote products and services
Showcase your business
Convert prospects into customers
Persuade people to contact you

We need:

Your business and contact details
Your requirements
Some well-written website content
Feedback and some inspiration

Ecommerce website design is also well within our skill set, focused on directly increasing your sales

Take secure payments online 24/7
Generate revenue worldwide
Everything a brochure site does
Expand your business

We need:

Descriptive product information
Usually, some decent photos
Pricing and business policies
Plus the same as a brochure site

#2: Wireframes and Site Structure

Before deciding how exactly your website is going to look - we consider the "user experience" (UX).

Wireframes are essentially blueprints, but for websites. They are a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website - designed to demonstrate how the website is going to function. For example, Where will the navigation be? How many columns will there be? Etc.

The site structure is how your web pages are organised. Are all your pages on one level? Or do you have categories within categories? Etc.

We will guide you through the whole website development process, explaining things in plain English

Explain to us what you would like to achieve, and we take care of the rest. We generally take care of everything behind-the-scenes.

You can leave everything to us
Or, frequently review everything

Have a question? Bring it on. We are great at explaining things both in-person and online.

Quality writing made easy, see our copywriting guide

One of the most important factors Google will consider when ranking your website is the quality of your written content. We recommend reading our web content writing guide before you start.

While it is your responsibility to write copy for the website - we do our best to help and advice you.

After receiving your content, we will upload it and perform "search engine optimisation" (SEO) of the first 5 pages for you.

Web copywriting guide

#3: Look and Feel

At our first business meeting we will show you various websites, including your competitors alongside some other designs we like. Throughout, we will chat about what you do and don't like. Based on this, we will get an excellent idea of how to design a website with a "look and feel" which you will love.

We create a prototype/mock-up draft of the websites design for you to look at.

You can request modifications or improvements if necessary - we will make improvements based on your feedback.

#4: Development

We will code a HTML/CSS template and style it to look like the agreed draft design. The content management system will also be setup if applicable.

Websites need content for people to look at. Just like a magazine or a television show - without interesting content, the visitor will lose interest.

We perform on-page search engine optimisation to help you rank higher on Google searches.

#5/6: Testing and Launch

We offer a free domain name and web hosting for 2 years. Choose any available .uk domain name.

After testing and refining the website, with your approval and full payment - the website will go online to the public.

Need to edit your website? We can do this for you, which is charged at our hourly rate. Or, easily edit the content and add an unlimited number of pages yourself free of charge using our award-winning "content management system" (CMS).

Unlimited pages

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a deposit?

Yes. Before we begin website design projects, we request a minimum 50% deposit.

For general maintenance work we usually request full payment upfront.

When is the remaining sum due?

Upon completion. Once the website is ready to go online, the remaining sum owed must be paid within 30 days.

Please see our terms.

Can I review the work?

Yes, we offer several opportunities for you to review our work. Including: a draft design (after 1 or 2 weeks approx), the improved version after feedback, and the final version.